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If you are a woman and you strike up a friendship, you will likely be invited to the person’s home or to a hamman (bath) for further association.

On the other hand, if you are a man or a man and woman traveling together, you will likely be invited into a café for some tea or a meal.

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The countries on our voyage will serve as the platform and vehicle that will be used to examine the customs, cultural variations, traditions, norms, and mores that have dictated, shaped, and influenced dating, marriage and family life for people in the Mediterranean region.

The Symbolic Interaction Theory, The Systems Theory, The Structural Functional Theory, The Exchange Theory, and the Family Strengths Model will be addressed and discussed throughout the course.

They even hold an international art festival once a year to showcase all their talent.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this country, you should consider buying some of the local artwork.

Not only will it provide you with a little memento of your trip, but it will help out the local people who are usually quite poor.

Souks are a way of life in Morocco and you usually wont have to go far to find one.Special Requirements: An introductory course in Sociology or Family Studies is required.Country: Morocco Day: 1 Dating, marriage, and family life in Islamic countries are based on the basic tenants of the Islamic faith.You can often get good bargains here, but remember that most Moroccans will have a lot more experience than you will when it comes to haggling the price so you will seldom find yourself able to get better than that which is offered.You may find, if you are friendly and courteous enough, that you will soon start to make friends with the locals.If this happens and you are invited to a meal, it is good to keep in mind some of the local customs.

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