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Hostility is not necessarily the only factor that can be intimidating in a stadium.

With a seating capacity of 150,000 people; the Rungrado May stadium in North Korea does an effective job in using its size to intimidate opponents.

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Most intimidating fans in sports

That’s just who we are,” Eagles defensive tackle Tim Jernigan said. So it seems we have a perception difference, as in these are great fans if they’re cheering for you. And they are truly some of the best, maybe the best, in the NFL,” Eagles receiver Torrey Smith said.

The city is like that, the fans are like that and the team is like that. I’m not sure Vikings fans were too thrilled about that,” Eagles defender and Minnetonka native Beau Allen said.

With a capacity of about 45,000 people, Anfield is a bit smaller than the newer arenas.

But what it lacks in size it more than makes up with a committed, relentless, and supportive fan base. a venue to show their loyalty to these teams with their resounding cheers.

It’s not as large as the Olympic Stadium in Greece but it sure can draw a crowd that is unlike any other.

In fact, this five star rated, 33, 296 capacity stadium was the scene of a post-game tragedy where 21 people where trampled as fans rushed to celebrate a win. It boasts of an incredibly vocal fans base which helps place this stadium on our list.

You would thing that an open roof would help distill sound, but when it comes to Maksimir stadium you’d be wrong.

In spite of its low seating capacity; the fans have managed to turn this stadium into a caged nightmare for whatever opponent steps onto the field.

It’s not just all the stadium paraphernalia that visually exhibits their love for their team and the game It’s also the vigor and bottomless passion that you can hear from the earth shattering uproar that they effortlessly create to intimidate the opponent as exemplified by our 25 Most Intimidating Stadiums In The World.

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