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We're all guilty of internet stalking our exes, but there's something we don't talk about as often-- the fact that we also internet stalk their new girlfriends. He started dating someone else right away and they are now engaged. I waited 6 months before dating, was non-committal for awhile, and finally settled down with the man of my dreams. Why were you able to make it work with her, but not me?

Thanks to Happily Married for inspiring this post by leaving this comment on Carolyn's accidental mistress article: I'm going to share something with you that I have never told anyone. Before Facebook and Instagram, we had to let our imaginations run wild, but now we can see what our exes new GF ate for freaking breakfast.

Penis size really does have something to do with the time required for me to have an orgasm.

We met up in a public park and we just sat and talked. Things weren't going well in my marriage, and I was nostalgic for the good times my ex and I used to have.

Sex in my marriage is fine, but it takes a while for me to have an orgasm, and most of the time with my husband, I don't get anywhere close.

They'll be held prisoner by sunblock their whole lives and will never be able to get a proper tan. I could barely hook up with the guy without wondering about how much better she looked naked. And there was no such thing as social networking back then, but I could literally look out my dorm room window and see her sitting in the quad-- and I think we had binoculars. "One day, those motherfuckers will sag" I keep telling myself. I try not to be weirded out by the fact that his ex married someone who looks just like him.

So, I knew firsthand she wasn't just using filters to make herself look good--- she was a natural beauty. If could do a side by side I would-- but that would take my stalker tendencies to a whole new level.

The woman might as well wear a T-shirt that says "he wasn't attracted to you".

On the plus side, I take great comfort in knowing that, just like their parents, their kids will be very fair skinned. Our exes new girlfriends are probably stalking us as well. I "dated" a guy in college whose ex-girlfriend was a total knock out. The only thing this girl and I had in common was that we both had vaginas and hers was probably WAY prettier than mine.

Sometimes I just want to fuck, and not worry about what sex means emotionally.

Being emotionally connected is an extremely important aspect of sex for my husband, whereas I'm more concerned with physical pleasure.

The first time I saw my husband's ex on Facebook, I was like "Sweet! Are you guys haunted by your ex-boyfriend's new love interest?

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