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We sought the opinion of Nairobi women and the general consensus was that the city is littered with sissies, wimps and mama’s boys, masquerading as men. There is a shortage of real men around here (Nairobi),” Jane Kahuho, a city-based business lady, complained to us.

Word on the street has it that these so-called softies have been unable to assert their authority in relationships and at home, and are squarely to blame for the proliferation of rebellious women in Nairobi. It is believed that the sissy bug has bitten Nairobi men.

It is said that they lost it when they unashamedly began doing feminine things.

“I am just getting in touch with my feminine side,” some always say in defence when asked about their metro-sexual tendencies. Men Now Moving Into Girlfriends’ Houses “Nairobi men are the biggest culprits as far as emasculation is concerned.

In a recent issue of a glossy magazine, a TV siren poured out her heart about rumours touching on her personal life.

Chief among them was that of a doomed marriage that failed shortly before its first anniversary.

Be wary of people who publicly love and want to show all of you how picturesque their lives are; they are most likely struggling with some deep-seated fundamental issues that they are too afraid to confront.

Do not be surprised if their relationships eventually crumble.

Borrowing Money From women There have been rampant cases of men who unashamedly borrow money from women, too. “Men have become so weak and sunk so low to the extent they now borrow cash from girlfriends and female friends.

If there is something women hate is a man who asks for small loans or even pocket money from them.

The discussions in the group are believed to be so juicy that the men had to pose as women to join it for fun, without the administrators being any wiser.

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