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A good rule of thumb that makes common sense is that if you would not go outside in the daytime, in front of your own house, and do something in public so everyone in your neighborhood is able to see what you did, then you should NOT do this same thing online.If a person takes a few extra precautions when using video chat rooms, then there is less risk of any further harm.

Some of the dangers come in the form of creating a stalker or a person who blackmails you, when using the services of online video chat rooms. They have practiced what they say online to lure the unsuspecting person into trusting them.

Some sexual predators even use fake videos made of someone who is not them to capture the attention of others.

One famous example, that is currently in the courts because the guy was caught, is the case of a 35 year-old man, who tormented a Canadian teen girl named Amanda Todd with such relentless cyber bullying that she committed suicide due to the harassment.

The man accused of the circumstances that led to Amanda Todd’s taking her own life is a sexual predator.

The modus operandi (a legal term in Latin that means “the way of doing things”) of this criminal type is to get the people to make a sexually explicit video, transmit it to the criminal gang online, and then to threaten the targeted men with exposure of what they did.

The extortion gang or criminal says the video will be revealed to friends, schoolmates, teachers, employers, and family, unless the target of the attack makes more sexually explicit videos for the blackmailer or sends them some cash payments.

Then over time, the unsuspecting girl answers a few simple questions in casual chat, which include: Sometimes the questions are phrased as statements to make the information seem innocuous.

An example of this would be, when a “fake” boy says in an online chat that he is fourteen and he has already shown a sexy video of himself to “prove” this. Then he makes a statement like this, “Since I am only fourteen, I do not want to chat with girls who are not my age or younger.” The targeted girl innocently answers she is only thirteen. Most of them are so busy maintaining contact with dozens of potential targets that they do not have to pay particular attention to any specific one, unless she or he cooperates with their requests.

The ability of a stalker to locate a victim and learn where they live, work, or go to school is actually a very easy process.

The stalkers hide using software or services that mask their IP address (computer location) and use various aliases to disguise who they really are and at the same time are very clever in finding out information about a targeted person and the location of the real people they are chatting with using video chat services.

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