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One of them, Jack Salisbury, told the inquest Patrick had boasted of taking ecstasy and LSD, and taking ketamine that he purchased on Silk Road – where users can obtain anything from drugs to fake passports.But he had moved to The Purbeck School in Wareham, and hoped to study computing at Cambridge.Next thing you know a guy is watching me from under the half doors. He stuck his raw cock into me for about a minute then pulled out and told me to turn around where he shot his load down my throat, tasted so fucking good. Morning seems busy with guys who mostly want to suck, night 50/50. I like both giving and receiving head, depends on my mood.

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I tried to lube my ass and as I was asking him if he could put some lube on, without a word from him he shoved his entire cock up my ass and aggressively fucked me until he blew a huge load in my ass. Sometimes the homeless will be sleeping in a booth. It took me over thirty minutes but I got him to cum, a nice sweet/sour huge load.

He had to lean on the wall just after cumming because he got lightheaded.

The night I went was a weeknight, but it was somewhat busy. So I pulled out my fat hard cock and slid it through the gloryhole, felt a soft hand grab my cock then I felt her hot wet mouth sucking my cock.

I suspect the weekends make for standing room only. I'm a flaming gay cock-sucking cum-drinking slut-whore. I was really horny 'cause I came all down her throat quick. I would love to start off by playing in the theatre this time. I went here on Monday, February 20, and had a great time. I got here and the guy at the counter couldn't have been nicer and explained the whole place to me.

A post-mortem examination into the August 31 tragedy revealed that the cause of Patrick’s death was ecstasy toxicity.

Starting August, 2017 there is a change in timing to publish new Places and Reviews and to check emails generated by the Contact Form page. [Read more...]Thank you for your patience and support. There were two middle-aged Latino guys who appeared to be regulars sitting and waiting to feed.

Mostly what happens is when the receiver realizes what is happening they get really excited and start moaning and sucking harder.

It's really great when I go from peeing to cumming and back to peeing.

I stopped going deep on his cock shaft and only worked his beautiful large mushroom head when he started cumming so I could enjoy the taste and texture of every drop of his very strong shooting and powerful-tasting cum. In fact, I will be headed there after I finish up writing this review. Over the last few years I have started peeing in some of the mouths of my receivers. With a raging hard on I can only get a light stream occasionally, and the closer to cumming the more I can stream out.

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