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This motion, generally called an IFP motion, can be requested at your county clerk’s office.If the judge decides that you qualify, then you do not have to pay for your divorce.How will the Court divide the property and debts of the marriage?

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How do I know if the Judge has approved my motion to proceed without paying court costs?

You will receive a letter in the mail informing you of whether you have been approved to file your divorce without paying costs, or whether you have to pay the filing fee.

There is really nothing the other spouse can do to stop a divorce.

Do the husband and wife both have to live in Kentucky to get a divorce here?

Generally, in Kentucky, couples with children of the marriage have to wait at least 60 days and attend Families in Transition before they can file their final papers.

The court can issue temporary orders as soon as the divorce is filed, but the actual divorce and final orders cannot be done until 60 days have passed since the date the divorce was filed.

Divorce and Residence Filing a Divorce on Your Own GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT DIVORCEWhat do you have to prove to get a divorce?

Kentucky has "no fault" divorce, which means you don't have to prove either spouse did anything wrong to get a divorce.

If you have children of the marriage, you may have to attend a class called Families in Transition for helping children through a divorce. However, this fee is usually based on a sliding scale.

Lack of finances is not an excuse for not attending the class.

It could take longer than 60 days, depending on the issues of your case and the court’s schedule.

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