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This business didn’t receive 3,732 real leads from Yelp (at least not how the business owners define a lead). This little insight was a disaster as the max distance his customers might travel to visit his business was 5 miles.

However, with any of the tests we’ve run with Yelp ads, we’ver never been able to verify how many leads the business received. So our client was spending 3/4 of his ad spend in geo areas that were never going to convert.

Needless to say, we skipped the group sex (wasn't really our ideal scenario, but totally great for other couples interested in something like this! Did we have exciting sex in places and ways we never have before?

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But Harvey has a good sense of humor about the mistake overall.

He joked with Wurtzbach -- a judge at this year's pageant -- during the show, saying, "Everyone's waiting on the big moment at the end, to see if I get it right! RELATED CONTENT: How the Oscars Best Picture Mix-Up Happened: Everything We Know About the Envelopes So Far!

I figured it was worth a try, minimal risk, and I thought maybe the consumers on Yelp were just as far along in the sales funnel as a Google PPC customer.

Now I am an advocate of tracking all your marketing spend to understand fully the results and ROI, which I usually do with call tracking phone numbers for retail brick and mortar businesses.

), with spacious suites, multiple pools and hot tubs, countless restaurants and bars open all hours of the day and night, and extra amenities like spas, salons, and stores filled with all of the sexy outfits and accessories you could ask for. The golden rule that all guests must agree to upon arrival is that "no means no" — which should give you an idea of what kind of things go down daily.

This isn't a nudist resort where people mostly keep to themselves.Our friends, who laughed good-naturedly and incredulously asked how we story . (Yelp appears to have been gaining more and more online awareness with consumers since it is considered by many as #1 online review site (a survey we did here actually found that Google reviews were more important). Clients had been asking us, Download our PDF doc outlining Yelp’s Ad packages & PRO Tips Saving You Money.As you can see in the above chart, impressions in yellow were when we started advertising on Yelp — definitely an increase.Now look at the below chart showing Most business owners I know define a lead as someone that called their business or submitted a form from the website or drove to the business. For one of our clients, the Yelp rep said his ads were showing within a 20-mile radius!We crossed the threshold in anticipation, thinking we were ready for what was next.

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