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Explanations commonly given are that the drug is a vasodilator, or that it acts on subreceptors of histamine.

H1 and H2 are post-synaptic receptors and H3 is a pre-synaptic receptor.

One would also wonder if this combination might allow one to get the (sometimes) positive effect of betahistine to reduce weight.

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Betahistine can be ordered at the very lowest prices from large compounding pharmacies.

As of 2018, the "out of pocket" cost in the US is typically about $50/month.

Essentially, the conclusion was that there is no evidence that Betahistine is harmful, but also little evidence that it has any therapeutic effect.

It thus is similar in official status to an inert substance -- think sawdust perhaps.

The withdrawal was upheld by a US court of appeals in 1968.

Subsequently, four double-blind studies have been done reporting reduction of vertigo attacks with betahistine (Frew and Menon, 1976: Wilmot and Menon; 1976; Meyer, 1985; Mira et al, 2003).

This may be related to wakefulness as histamine controls wakefulness.

Both H1 and H2 binding sites have been detected in vestibular nuclei.

If you are charged more, perhaps you should find a different pharmacy.

Although betahistine does not closely resemble histamine (see above), in the body it is a histamine agonist. The rationale for its use is somewhat difficult to understand as H1 blocking antihistamines (such as meclizine) are also used quite commonly to treat vertigo.

Our clinical judgement is that betahistine does have positive effects on vertigo, but that it is very hard to determine how great these effects are due to the immense number of poor studies and biased reviews concerning betahistine's efficacy.

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