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My boyfriend, on the other hand, is an intense liberal from Chicago.

He loves learning economics and was definitely "Feeling the Bern." When Bernie Sanders didn't get the democratic nomination, my boyfriend eventually decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. It's put people against each other to the extent that nothing has in a while. My relationship has held on to something that the country has severely lacked.

However, before choosing a party for my voter registration, I put in a lot of research to all topics.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump is going to make a good president.

In August, award-winning broadcast and radio host John Hockenberry departed from his public radio program “The Takeaway” on New York City’s NPR affiliate, which garnered a peak audience of nearly 3 million weekly listeners on more than 270 stations.

Female producers and interns accused him of harassment and bullying before and after he deployed his golden parachute.We tried to direct conversation away from politics, but all we could really focus on were the little red or blue states that kept popping up.We finally gave up when a major swing state went republican at 1 a.m., parting ways with a very happy me and a clearly irked boyfriend. Leading up to the elections, we had civil debates about tax reforms, abortion policies, medical marijuana, standardized testing, welfare... I though that once election night was over, these civil discussions would be less common.That same month, NPR launched an investigation of veteran Minnesota Public Radio host Garrison Keillor, creator of “A Prairie Home Companion.” The liberal icon penned a column defending fellow sexual harassment suspect Sen.Al Franken, D-Minn., in late November; the next day, NPR fired him for inappropriate behavior involving at least one female co-worker.Hey all, so my story Alpha Man Training started 3 4 years ago watch viral videos original video clips cnn.

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