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“The White House is much more engaged than I ever saw them during the Senate debate, too.

I would take it seriously.” Yet it will be no big surprise if Republicans fall one or two votes short of the 50 votes they need to pass Graham-Cassidy.

—America’s Health Insurance Plans hasn’t taken a position on Graham-Cassidy, a spokeswoman told The Health 202. —Five Republican governors whose states expanded Medicaid signed a bipartisan letter in July opposing the “skinny repeal” bill.

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But their opposition is only peripheral to the bill’s prospects, because Republicans were never going to win over progressives anyway.

But more significantly, Republicans still haven’t managed to win over industry groups — or convince some moderate Republican governors who worried that the previous plans would leave millions of Americans uninsured.

Furthermore, the White House is all in, dispatching Vice President Pence and other top officials to Capitol Hill yesterday to make the case for Graham-Cassidy.

“I’m going to make the case: This is the moment, now is the time,” Pence told reporters on Air Force Two.

Four of those Republicans (but not Hogan) signed a letter yesterday opposing Graham-Cassidy.

Bill Walker of Alaska, an independent, signed it, too, along with five Democratic governors.They said senators should pursue a “bipartisan effort” to stabilize the marketplaces instead of legislation only Republicans support.“Only open, bipartisan approaches can achieve true, lasting reforms,” they wrote.“We have 12 days.” Top GOP policy wonk Lanhee Chen told me he’s more bullish about prospects for Graham-Cassidy than he was for the Better Care Reconciliation Act that failed in the Senate two months ago.“The energy is there, much more so than we saw during the [Better Care Reconciliation Act] debate earlier,” Chen said.Republicans are fixated on the latest version of their Obamacare overhaul legislation.

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