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What positive effects it had on communications of the Slovak MFA.

The game went under the slogan "Who the hell is the media?

" 20 Communications Directors, who preferred to join the game at 8 am on 11 March enjoyed their time like kids, saying afterwards "It was great fun!

For example, if you want to find "Adobe Photoshop CS6", simply enter "photoshop".

Venue: Kongresszentrum (Davos Congress Centre), Promenade 92, 7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland.

The winners were the Scientists, Local Producers, and Railway companies.

he Gov authorities decided against trying to regulate the media.

D., Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Hofstra University (USA)Sergey Zverev, President of CROS Public Affairs & Public Relations Company, Professor of The National Research University: Higher School of Economics, Head of Integrated Communications Department(Russia)Bharat Patel, Chair & Managing Director of Sandhya Prakash Group, Editor of Dainik Sandhya Prakash(India)Panel discussion: Government and communications - development and regulations.

Moderator: Alexander Goryunov, Director and co-Owner at MRK Energy, Russia Faith Muthambi, Minister of Communications, Government of the Republic of South Africa"Public media service and challenges of the digital area."Mustapha Khalfi, Minister of Communications, Spokesperson of the Government, Kingdom of Morocco"A message to #WCFDavos."Dr.

Which of the two will play a greater role in building trust in brands of the 21st century? Special TED-like format of a keynote: The real life-story of a top industry leader."Heroes of Innovation."A talk revealing the key to the successful balance b/n business objectives, personal values and lifeessentials.

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