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One answer could be in the form of artificial intelligence customer service and chatbots.

With fewer caregivers available, robust chatbots with natural language processing (NLP) abilities could prove the perfect companions for older people.

After the above greeting and a fitting response, an individual could go on to broach a variety of subjects.

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With one in five Americans expected to be a senior citizen by 2030, the shortfall in nursing could be twice as large as any other since the mid-1960s.

With a lack of nurses to fill the void, artificial intelligence might be needed to step in and help.

While robots cannot yet replace human interaction, they can fill the void for an aging population in need of an extra pair of hands. K., nearly half of all people over the age of 75 live alone, while more than a third do not speak to anyone in an average day.

Meanwhile, there is a growing concern over the number of older people and the alarming lack of carers to look after them.

The result was nurses could suggest necessary treatment options sooner, meaning pensioners were able to live independently for four years compared to a national average of 22 months.

In addition to physical frailties, sensors can identify any developing mental health difficulties or potential safety concerns such as ovens left on or doors left open.

Rather than forming concrete relationships with machines, these techniques make content more accessible for elderly people while ensuring they do not feel alone while enjoying them.

Arguably the most important feature is the ability of the chatbot to recognize natural language and to retain information.

The best chatbots can not only fill a void for lonely pensioners but they can remind people to take their medication, store previous conversations to help people with Alzheimer’s via memory games.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence and connected devices can observe an elderly person’s health and alert doctors concerning changes in their conditions and potential emergencies.

In addition, many chatbots currently struggle with context, such a crucial feature when it comes to holding a conversation.

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