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But I don't share the climate you live in, and people in your region might have better experience.

Every week thousands of people, just like you, call to hear who’s on line. Justin had returned to work on Monday, following the best weekend he could remember having. Anna had the desk opposite Justin and they would often share a coffee break at the same time.

Cracking a window open will be one way to provide makeup air.

You might be able to easily design something a bit more elegant that would to the job. Texas, so this is an interesting problem for me and I enjoy trying to see the answer.

I'm sure there is a better solution and any suggestions are much appreciated.

I too am going to miss having the spa outside but it's only adding $12 a month to the electric bill inside as opposed to $34 outside.

Other opinion is that I should install a passive barometic type vent to bring in outside air.

The room is sealed from the rest of the house by insulated steel french doors and when using the spa the humidity will get to about 90% but within 15 minutes of replacing the cover the vent has it back down to about 55%.I have built a room off of my walkout basement for my Spa.The room is 10x12 with a 12' vaulted ceiling with 2 18x30 double insulated skylights. Ceiling is insulated with R-19 fiberglas, with fanfold foam covering it as a vapor barrier.I still have one wall that has not been finished on the inside that I could place a vent in. I had originally thought about building a sheet metal box with a vent inside and outside at the bottom with a divider inside splitting the box in half with a gap at the top for air flow.Hopefully this would help eliminate drafts but still let air flow freely.Justin had thought about it and then decided to give it a go.

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