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An average short session runs between 1300 Yuan (8-5 USD).Deeply discounted sessions are advertised on the website with regularity though customers do not find out until their actual sessions that appointments made under these cheaper arrangements may not include all services listed.

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For example a woman listed as being an expert in backdoor entry may only offer regular full service to a customer who books her on the cheap.

To their credit the Shanghai Nightlife independent escort webpage says “There is no 100% guarantee, that all the options will be available for all the clients at any time!

Whatever their level of relation and connection they are all at least dispatched through the same person.

Customers contact this contact person through phone calls or emails.

To book a session customers must give their names and locations.

They may also be asked other questions like their nationality and skin color to make sure they don’t run afoul of the requirements of the women they are booking time with.”Once customers make contact with the booking person they can arrange their meetings.Contact is sometimes returned immediately though at other times it can take a while.While there are erotic establishments all over China the repressive climate that exists in the country forces most of them to operate below the radar.There was a time when cities like Dongguan were lined with sex saunas that could even outshine the Macau saunas.One set of escorts on the site is found on an “escort agencies” page.

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