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Installing a skin like this horrible one: is sure to make them cringe.

I've wanted to make a Window Blinds skin out of tubgirl and gay pr0n, but I just can't justify spending money on Skin Studio just to do that.

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The following pranks are pretty harmless, but I must caution you that the following is provided for informational purposes only.

Do not perform these pranks on computers you don't own, and especially not on any computer used for business purposes.

Sometimes friends and room mates deserve a little scare, and what better way to accomplish that than by pranking their computers.

Computers are frustrating enough as it is, so imagine how much more frustrating it will be to them when you've intentionally sabotaged their computer.

The warning on their website stated that upon closing the program the buttons may still be switched around, which can be remedied by going to the checkbox.

I personally experienced that problem when I closed the program myself, so be prepared to fix whatever computer you install that on.

Speaking of changing Window's theme, there's an easy way to prank them using control panel, which leads us into our discussion of One of the easiest pranks to perform is to right click on the desktop and select "Properties", then click on the "Appearance" tab.

Click on the drop down box labeled "Windows and Buttons" and click on "Windows Classic" and click "Apply".

Click directly below on the "Color Scheme" drop down box.

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