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By asking users to share a link with their partner, once both people have clicked on the link, a black circular timer, just like the ones in the TV episode, display how much time a couple has left.And in the new real life version, if couples don't click on the link fast enough, the app starts shaving years off their relationship.

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Online dating flings

Please take the time to read our full review below where we provide you with ample evidence of why this isn't a real dating site to get laid on.

The dating network that operates Live operated by Deniro Marketing must think we are all complete idiots and morons. Right on the front page of Live Flings before you even create your membership and pick a username the tell absolutely everyone that they use fantasy profiles!

After we create our account and we logged into the members area of we were flabbergasted.

Every single profile on the page said the words "Online Cupid".

Upon meeting the other person, both look at their 'Coach' app to see how long they will be staying together.

Some couples only have hours together, while some have to embark on long-term relationships for several years.

(Screen shot of the fantasy profiles phrase on the home page of the site.) On the front page of the site the site's administrators admit that they do use fake profiles that they call "Online Cupid".

This is an undeniable fact that's also admitted to in their own terms and conditions.

The function only works if both people agree to it, just like the Black Mirror episode.

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