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While many non-Indian fishermen argue that Boldt’s interpretation of the treaty gives unfair advantages to Indian fishermen, tribal leaders say the treaty’s fishing clause is restrictive when compared with the rights under the treaty related to the hunting.While tribal fisherman are restricted to “usual and accustomed areas,” the treaty states that Indians are allowed to hunt on all “open and unclaimed land.” That means Indian hunters have a right to roam all undeveloped areas from here to Glacier National Park in Montana, at the very minimum, said Todd Wilbur, a natural resources manager for the Swinomish Tribe in La Conner.“Tribes should be allowed to hunt and gather the resources they need,” Schuyler said.

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Those rulings limit Indians who want to hunt under tribal permits to the land their ancestors ceded to the federal government.

Indians also can hunt in other areas if they can prove that their ancestors regularly hunted there.

The continued ability to harvest fish is recognized as the bedrock of the region’s tribal culture.

But hunting for deer, elk, bear and mountain goat is just as integral to Coast Salish life.

Questions about fishing rights for the Tulalips, Stillaguamish and many other Coast Salish tribes were resolved in the 1970s, when U. District Court Judge George Boldt ruled half of the region’s fish harvest for local Indian fishermen.

The Treaty of Point Elliott, which covers tribes in Snohomish County, was signed in 1855, one of a handful of such pacts entered in Western Washington between tribes and the federal government.

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Those same trees sheltered men who harvested deer with spears.

Giant boulders and rocky ledges, smoothed by rushing water, offered Schuyler places to rest.

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