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I refused to give my account number and he wouldn't let me set up account for him. He promised it was "real money." I was friends requested on Facebook by a guy called Jack Fields Mc Cullen who claims to be in the U. However, he then tells me that it will cost between £1200-£1500 to get the box shipped over and I'll have to pay that charge!

He assures me that he will give me the code to access his box so I can take out the money I've had to pay out.

Then the scammers deposit fake checks in the account and withdraw it quickly, before the bank finds out the checks are bad.

If you help a scammer do that, you're getting involved in criminal activity.

i met a guy on facebook called arron seferino bryant who kept telling me he loved me and how beaut8ful i am he told me he lost is wife five ears ago and has a daughter who is elevwn ahd that he wanted to be with ne he said he didbt wabt to break his daughters heart abd wabted ne to sebd her my htold hin no he got mad abd then he wnted me to open a checking acct said his boss was gonna put money in it and for me to send it to hin so he can pay the workers and then he saidwe should get a house togethr since im his wife lol yea hes still trying ive tried to find out information on him with no luck says he works at woodwork and very handsome picks in not fallibg for any of it lol Ismeal/Ishmael, Ismail Nuhu originally from Ghana. He got his spouse visa with fraud papers/birth certificates.

He stayed with her until his permanent visa came and then left.

for him as he had problem with old bank and couldn't get back to receive for several more weeks.

Said was legal $$ and if I received it into my account he would collect it when he came back. Well, as you would suppose, haven't heard a word since he was convinced I would love to know it he was avoiding US taxes or just what the scam was. After chatting on messenger for a few weeks he is saying he wants to come to the UK to see me but to be able to do this he needs me to take delivery of his trunk box which contains some of his papers and money and that I can use money from the box to pay for his flight.

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