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Architects of the 19th century were bogged down in "style'.Variations of revived Classical architecture vied with variations on revived Gothic architecture and those were both victims of excessive ornamentation and gross sentimentality.

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The Crystal Palace, English train stations and marketplaces from Paris to Milan provided an alternative to this battle of styles, but the main stream in architecture, as well as in almost everything else, was through mass production.

It was against this backdrop of tired revivalism and crass commercialism that William Morris and his contemporaries developed a new and refreshing perspective on architecture, furniture, pottery and the visual objects of daily life.

The bricks are placed masterfully creating two centered discharging arches above the windows.

The interesting integration of forms in the chimney illustrates the beauty of good craftsmanship.

The Red House as it is called, was the first building of the Arts and Crafts style.

By the time the Arts and Crafts movement had reached Ontario, the defining elements were well set.

The overlying theme was that the house was to be a living element within the natural environment; it was based on the function of the house as opposed to the house being built in a style and with decoration that would herald the owner's position in society.

Houses were meant to fit intrinsically with their sites: orientation of the house was based on the relationship of the house to the garden.

The effect of the movement on artists, designers, architects and thinkers, however, was huge.

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