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It is necessary to ensure that products from third countries entering the Union market comply with this Directive, and in particular that appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been carried out by manufacturers with regard to those apparatus.

Provision should therefore be made for importers to make sure that the apparatus they place on the market comply with the requirements of this Directive and that they do not place on the market apparatus which do not comply with such requirements or present a risk.

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Network operators should construct their networks in such a way that manufacturers of equipment liable to be connected to networks do not suffer a disproportionate burden in order to prevent networks from suffering an unacceptable degradation of service.

The European standardisation organisations should take due account of that objective (including the cumulative effects of the relevant types of electromagnetic phenomena) when developing harmonised standards.

Where this Directive regulates apparatus, it should apply to finished apparatus placed on the market.

Certain components or sub-assemblies should, under certain conditions, be considered to be apparatus if they are made available to the end-user.

Provisions of national law ensuring protection against electromagnetic disturbance need to be harmonised in order to guarantee the free movement of electrical and electronic apparatus without lowering justified levels of protection in the Member States.

This Directive covers products which are new to the Union market when they are placed on the market; that is to say they are either new products made by a manufacturer established in the Union or products, whether new or second-hand, imported from a third country.

The manufacturer, having detailed knowledge of the design and production process, is best placed to carry out the conformity assessment procedure.

Conformity assessment should therefore remain solely the obligation of the manufacturer.

Economic operators should be responsible for the compliance of apparatus with this Directive, in relation to their respective roles in the supply chain, so as to ensure a high level of protection of public interests covered by this Directive, and to guarantee fair competition on the Union market.

All economic operators intervening in the supply and distribution chain should take appropriate measures to ensure that they only make available on the market apparatus which are in conformity with this Directive.

Directive 2004/108/EC should be adapted to that Decision.

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