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As in THE Middle East, not the middle of the Eastern U. Before I go any further, you should know, I’ll be passing the torch to two rad women who are total pros at Bend-ing. They’ll be introducing themselves shortly – expect this site to get a lot more attention than it did under my stewardship! A few weeks ago, I packed up our life in Bend and got on a plane with Betty (the Argentinian rat hound and all around snugglepuss) at Redmond Airport and headed to Amman, Jordan to join my husband. While I was in the midst of moving, every time I drove over the Portland Ave bridge, my heart hurt a little. I guess all the personal rambling above is relevant because Bend and I never really gelled in a big way and you can see it in the social circle (or lack thereof) that I left behind. But it is not an easy town for a single 30ish / 40ish woman. I took classes, I taught classes, I wrote a few pieces for The Source Weekly. I went solo to shows at Tower Theater, I went to Ted X, Night Light, Armchair, Ignite (the latter two, I actually got up on stage), Last Saturdays, First Fridays, every street fair, random beer events even though beer is so not my thing…

I hope to end up back in the cottage on NW 2nd Street someday.

He moved to Bend last year so we could build a life together – and then he got a posting in Amman. Honestly, maybe three years just isn’t enough time to crack a tough nut (especially when you have a bit of lone wolf in your blood). This isn’t sour grapes, it’s just the unvarnished (and very subjective) reality of my time in the center of Central Oregon. Take a look around the site for more tips on choosing Bend, living in Bend and navigating the town.

And I’d follow him anywhere, so here I am, in Amman… If I hadn’t been swept off my feet by the love of my life, I’d still be in Bend, wondering what John and Bob were whipping up for daily specials at Drake, checking the tequila supplies for after-work cocktails with my brother and sister-in-law, and probably scanning The Weekly for the weirdest event I could find (The Poet just Whats Apped me about an annual crab louie fest at Sons of Norway – yes, that). Bend is an amazing place to live, but like any town, it has its thorns, and thank God. There’s more to come; I can’t wait for the next chapter of BGTB unfurl!

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Aaaand my brother just moved back to town after a three-year absence – moving away from him and his soon-to-be-wife was straight-up brutal. There is a fierce protectiveness against outsiders that trumps any sense of manners or politeness – I get it, I’m not judging, who likes the random outsider who shows up solo? (Okay, yeah, good point.) In some towns, it’s considered inhospitable to ignore the only person who arrives alone to a social event. You can smile, use open body language, try to start conversations, but if you don’t have a crew, you’re mostly invisible.

So, random musings on what it was like, living in Bend for the last few years… I will miss the Deschutes River more than I can reasonably explain. but eventually I became a little weary of the circles growing tighter as I approached.

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