Organic farmer dating

I hate to burst the bubble, but that's simply not true.

As more research is done into their toxicity, however, this simply isn't true, either.

Many natural pesticides have been found to be potential - or serious - health risks.".

This is different than the current pesticides used by conventional agriculture, which are generally synthetic.

It has been assumed for years that pesticides that occur naturally (in certain plants, for example) are somehow better for us and the environment than those that have been created by man.

And who wouldn't buy organic, when it just sounds so good?

Here's the thing: there are a lot of myths out there about organic foods, and a lot of propaganda supporting methods that are rarely understood.

The point I'm driving home here is that just because something is natural doesn't make it non-toxic or safe.

Many bacteria, fungi and plants produce poisons, toxins and chemicals that you definitely wouldn't want sprayed on your food.

When the Soil Association, a major organic accreditation body in the UK, asked consumers why they buy organic food, 95% of them said their top reason was to avoid pesticides.

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