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When people are accustomed to seeing individuals with disabilities get around easily, they’ll be more inclined to think of access is a right, rather than a privilege or a concession to political correctness.

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Additionally, many states have Disability Rights Centers that are often run by people with disabilities themselves and usually have several lawyers on staff to assist people with disabilities regarding legal situations (e.g., ADA compliance or discrimination).

In the matter of access, it’s likely you can find a legislator who has a family member with a disability, or perhaps one who himself has a disability that occasionally makes life difficult.

Where there are laws, they must be enforced in order to have any effect.

In the United States, the law essentially covers what is required for accessibility, but it’s not always enforced.

An ideal here is to establish a citizen advisory group that includes people with disabilities and others with knowledge of the field.

If that group has a seat at the table when design standards, laws, and other similar issues are being discussed, it is likely that the needs of people with disabilities will be raised and addressed.

The media can also point out that the real people with disabilities cover a broad swath of society.

Many are people who were born with their disabilities, but many others acquired them through war, car accidents, job-or-sports-related injuries, violence, or the simple business of living (aging probably disables more people than any other single factor).

The trial court and the Court of Appeals both ruled in Lane’s favor, and the state appealed to the U. Ultimately, the state settled with Lane, and also installed elevators in its previously inaccessible courthouses.

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