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It is possible that this weapon was the Infestation, and that this was likely unleashed on a part of the general population to create vast amounts of troops.

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While we were able to find solid and legitimate supporting evidence for essentially the whole story as it is written, it comes from a variety of sources and each of those pieces of information were likely written by a number of different people.

This article strives to be more than a simple compendium of disparate lore tidbits.

From this point, the Old War erupted between the Orokin and the Sentient (Presumably from the Tau System that the Orokin were attempting to expand into).

With their ability to subvert high levels of technology, the Sentient quickly overwhelmed the Orokin.

She infiltrated the Origin System, but was not able to prevent the Orokin forces from recapturing and crippling / destroying the Outer Terminus.

The Orokin were victorious at the time, but the Tenno chose to betray the Orokin – ultimately triggering a history point known as The Collapse (alluded in the Stalker's codex).

They took full control of the Transference program that was meant to heal the children, and instead rushed the project into weaponization.

The Warframes were a parallel technology, and a synergy was found where the Tenno could use Warframes as conduits for void energies and utilise their newly developed abilities as a lethal asset.

The Infestation itself appears to have had little effect in slowing down the advancement of the Sentients and merely served as a means to make gates, ships, or orokin weapons useless to the sentients who could not adapt to the mutations.

The Orokin, now desperate, sought to exploit Void energy after an accident aboard a spacecraft called the Zariman Ten-Zero led to a number of children developing Void powers and abilities.

She ended up betraying her last mission and took the Tenno as her own children, becoming known as the Lotus.

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