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Mike Keshian is trying to fill a niche with Luv Byrd, an online dating site for people who like outdoor adventures.“I figured if there could be a, why couldn't there be a dating site that focused on people with outdoor interests? Luv Byrd, currently only available in Colorado, lets you filter potential partners by their favorite activities—and skill levels.Welcome to Date Active, the place to be if you are looking to meet fit and active outdoors type or sporty single people like yourself.

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I am curious about this one but its more important to find locations to meet single nature lovers in real life.

Join an outdoor group, or volunteer in the state parks or national parks.

You can browse the database of members free of charge without registering.

This means that you can check if the site is suitable for you before joining.

I am wondering where good spots are to meet women who enjoy nature and the outdoors in real life.

Between women I have talked to in RL and profiles here, I have heard and seen that a lot of women claim to like the outdoors and nature.

Wild animal rehab centers always in need of volunteers.

From taking care of animals,to building cages and fences,to public outreach, there is always something that needs to be done.

Upon first sight of a critter my thoughts run "wow" then "d'oh its out of season" or "Yes its in season and soon to be supper"I do have the boy scout skills but unless things have changed drastically since I was a teenager very few single moms put there sons into the program :(A good way to find a women who likes outdoors is, do what I did i climbed mt washington on foot, and any women who was up on top of the mountain I figured she had to like it to make that long hike. I love to fish but have no desire to hunt land dwelling critters. Good luck with your We are indoors preparing your meals, cleaning your house, taking care of your children, washing your sox and probably cleaning your outdoor toys.

I'm not opposed to it, enjoy eating wild game, and know how to shoot firearms, but would prefer not to hunt if I don't have to. and we're going primitive camping this weekend BTW. How do men think these chores get men after they don't have someone to do them.

Boy Scouts need volunteers to teach boys how to camp,backpack,survival skills,kayaking etc Good Luck Lots of good suggestions some of which will get used It has come to my attention that the definition of nature I was using was incorrect with that of the ladies. it is a safe place for women to go and hike with a group and meet folks who like the same thing.

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