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We’d ended up sharing dinner and hitting the dance floor for about five hours.Sleep wasn’t really an option at this stage – we knew we had things to talk about.Do you keep attracting the wrong men – guys who are more into themselves than a serious relationship? Figuring out if someone is emotionally unavailable is one of the biggest challenges facing many gay men who are hoping to find Mr. But how can you tell if the guy is emotionally unavailable early on?

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oh yes, two people could not stand any closer without touching! I had heart deeply too and I hadn’t been able to handle the pain at the time so had buried it deep inside.

And not only that, but to protect myself from that deep pain again, I had used sexual energy to both dull the pain and distract me.

I had started seeing my next partner Scott within three months and we’d had a wildly sexual relationship.

Yet we’d never had any real emotional intimacy – I’d been in protection mode. First I started a line of self-inquiry – why did I keep attracting emotionally unavailable men?

Knowing what happened, why it happened, how it affected me, and what I needed to heal as a result has become my stock-in-trade as a writer and a teacher.

I’ve written in depth about my relationship with Mike before, here, talking about why we ultimately broke up. It impacted I had since experienced in relationship since – and why.But sometimes openings take time to reveal themselves.It wasn’t until Sunday night, after Wanderlust had ended, that the fruits of Ana’s class, and some personal work I’d done over the past few months, began to reveal itself.That was easy right – my right hip, or lumbar spine always needs love and healing. But I obeyed the calling and for the rest of class focused on breathing every breath through the heart, no matter what asana we were in.However, during the scan and when Ana asked us to choose a body part I was surprised to find that it was my heart that called my attention. In tracking this sensation I was surprised to notice how constricted my inhale was compared to my exhale. No trouble, I could exhale deeply for eternity at a regulated and even pace. My upper right chest felt constricted and often it felt like I couldn’t get a proper full breath at all. Over the course of the class, this sense of constriction eased as more and more breath flowed into the upper right chest.However, I could sense that despite this intense and wild sexual connection, this beautiful man wasn’t interested in a heart-connection. This time I stayed with the knowing, spoke my truth, and as I stood on top of a look-out under an almost-full moon (again! We grabbed two hours sleep before making smoothies, packing, saying goodbye and heading off on our separate ways.

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