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Hinting at the need for breakthrough, Mr Davis said yesterday: 'Clearly we would like them to give Michel the means to broaden the negotiations.'I think they should do it, it's in the interests of Europe and the United Kingdom that they do.'The Brexit Secretary also repeated his stance that the UK will refuse to discuss the specifics of the multi-billion pound Brexit bill until trade talks are opened up.

A UK official close to talks said yesterday: 'It's their [EU leaders'] choice whether to give Barnier the wiggle room to move things forward.'Mr Davis expressed frustration at how the negotiating mandate drawn up by the EU's 27 remaining member states was restricting progress on a key negotiating point.

After the latest round of Brexit talks ended frustratingly for both sides yesterday, Mr Davis warned that changing the scope of talks was now 'in the interests of Europe and the United Kingdom'.

The Brexit Secretary's call was unusually echoed by his EU counterpart, who bemoaned the state of 'deadlock' in what British officials described as 'an elegant cry for help'.

In September his team offered an indefinite right to return for the 3.5million citizens living in the UK in the hope that the EU would offer British citizens abroad a similar right to live across Europe.

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EU leaders attending the European Council meeting in Brussels next week are expected to say there has not been 'sufficient progress' in talks.

Full trade talks between both sides are unlikely to be granted before a follow-up European Council summit in December.

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Jean-Claude Juncker today fuelled the growing Brexit row by insisting the UK will 'have to pay' billions of pounds more to get trade talks - likening the situation to buying a round of 'beers' for the EU.

While falling short of the full trade talks with Britain that Downing Street previously hoped would be opened, the development will still be welcomed by Ministers in London.

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