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Furthermore, the 210Pb method may be used to carry out a sensitivity analysis to estimate the suitability of the sediment to repeated monitoring of, for instance of changes in the flux of contaminants in the sediments.

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Pb 210 dating services

30-50g of dried sample is required for analysis using a standard gamma spectrometer or 5g using a Well detector.

There is no radiochemical processing required with this technique.

In the water phase 210Pb is adsorbed to particulate matter and together they are deposited in the sediment. The remaining amount of 210Pb at a certain depth will reveal the age of the given sediment layer.

This dating method covers the past period of 75-100 years due to the half-life of about 22 years.

The 210Pb dating may be supplemented with dating of the caesium 137Cs isotope.

This isotope was released in huge quantities in connection with the atmospheric nuclear explosions in 1963 and later by the Tjernobyl accident in 1986.

Most Cs-137 movement in the environment is by physical processes making Cs-137 an exceptional tracer for studying erosion and sedimentation.

Pb against depth or cumulative weight (to allow for compacting) will be a straight line if the sedimentation rate has been constant.

Nuclear tests produced Cesium-137 that was deposited from the atmosphere.

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