Perils of dating younger women

Many of the girls are not only trafficked here in our neighborhoods but they are transported to larger cities where they are even less easily identified. Girls from those communities are brought here and trafficked as well.” Miller said trafficking in the area is a growing problem and tends to be less organized than in big cities, but Shreveport-Bossier City’s location is ideal for it to occur locally. FBI Special Agent Chris Plants leads the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force in northwest Louisiana.

Due to the interstate corridor, it’s easy for traffickers to travel between two of the major U. The goals of the task force are to recover victims who have been transported over state lines and prosecute the perpetrators, or pimps.

The consequences can be disastrous, with one in five managers admitting they had fired someone for not dressing ‘appropriately’.

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Perils of dating younger women

In 2014, the Urban Institute conducted a study of the underground commercial sex economy in eight U. cities and concluded that it generated between $20 million and $39.9 million in revenue depending on the city.

It’s difficult for some to grasp that sex trafficking is happening in Louisiana, let alone in Shreveport-Bossier City, but a reason for this reaction is due to the lack of knowledge about trafficking.

The news comes after Whitehall civil servants were ordered by ministers in September to smarten up and stop dress-down Fridays.

Younger employees had been turning up to work in faded jeans and T-shirts at the end of the week instead of their usual suits and ties.

The survey of 3,000 managers and workers was designed to assess the impact of so-called dress-down Fridays, which have become a growing trend in office culture.

It also showed geographical differences in office dress, with Southampton named as the UK’s scruffiest city.

And perhaps most alarming: children are being abused and forced into sex slavery.

Jessica Miller is the executive director of the Gingerbread House Bossier/Caddo Children’s Advocacy Center, a non-profit organization that collaborates with local agencies to serve child abuse victims throughout nine parishes in northwest Louisiana.

And under the wrong circumstances, anyone’s child, friend or relative can become a victim of human slavery.

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