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There used to be a method where you can send SMS using your email but most of the mobile providers has disabled that feature due to abuse.

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There is a 3 minute wait time before you can send another message to prevent users from abusing this valuable and useful free SMS service.

From what we’ve noticed, you will get the message saying “Your message has been sent and will be delivered shortly! You should not fully trust the message because Server 2 reported the same thing but we have not receive the test message we sent a few hours ago.

Sprint is one of the premier cell phone companies in the United States.

In addition to cell phone services, the company also offers other mobile services, but has yet to stretch beyond the mobile sector like other mobile phone companies.

Simply click on the button to the right of the Like button on the main page here: We have attempted to contact Facebook in regards to customer service contact information.

We will update when we receive a response from Facebook customer service. Unfortunately, we received an automated response stating that Facebook does not offer telephone support.

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If you want to contact Facebook by phone you may have a bit of trouble getting through, according to some customers.

If there is no Internet connection on the smartphone, the messages cannot be sent nor received which could result in the delay of receiving the message.

Although SMS are more reliable compared to the messaging apps for smartphones, there are times when the SMS gateway server cannot cope up with the load such as on Christmas.

Sprint has a residential and business service department.

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