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However, we must be very careful about telling others what they should think, feel or do, and likewise, must guard our boundaries carefully so others do not presume they can tell us what to think, feel or do.It is our responsibility to be clear with others about what we will tolerate, and what we won't tolerate.Fourth, know that you cannot change him—you can only change yourself.

Like dealing with the bully in the sandlot, cowering and living in fear simply gives them more power over us.

While standing up to bullies is never easy, it is the only way to get them to understand that their intimidation is no longer effective.

It hurts but knowing I will only feel worse if I confront him, and cripples me from speaking to him. " This woman is living in an extremely difficult situation.

What is paramount about her note is that she lives in fear, and it is crippling her. I've talked about men like her husband in my book, .

In the past two years when I've tried to communicate, he has belittled me, yelled, told me he doesn't care how I feel and that he doesn't love me.

He totally disregards me on occasions such as my birthday, Valentines Day, etc.

They learn to be rough and tough for one reason—they can! I'm not suggesting you puff out your chest and belittle your husband in return. I'm suggesting small steps, such as firmly letting him know your honest feelings. While it is unlikely he will go for help with you, start counseling for yourself. Determine to live your life, learning about boundaries. Re-define what is important, what you're feeling, think and want.

And it works to get what they want, which is more power. Remember what God has done for you in the past and what He'll do for you now.

We have been entrusted with being stewards of ourselves—we were bought with a price, and we are to take good care of ourselves.

We cannot help others, serve others or utilize our gifts, talents and treasures if we are constantly putting out emotional fires on the home front.

Either respect your boundaries of not wanting to bring a third party to this dance, or politely, and ever-so-kindly, tell him goodbye.

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