Pl sql if inserting updating

If you do not already have a table, you can create one by using the following procedure.If you use an existing table, the steps in some of the procedures will not match your database exactly.It also describes how to customize the values that are being updated.

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You will use the Object Relational Designer to create a class that represents the database table that contains the values.

The To perform the steps in this walkthrough, you must have a database table.

If you want to use F5 for a single statement then you can select the statement and click F5.

HINT: CTRL Enter will execute the single statement your cursor is on.

You can also insert data using the 'traditional' method you'd use when using a command line or SQL Plus.

Return to the SQL Worksheet and enter the command: Insert into departments (DEPARTMENT_ID, DEPARTMENT_NAME) Values (300, 'Research'); Click F9.

You may wish to update records in one table based on values in another table.

Since you can't list more than one table in the Oracle UPDATE statement, you can use the Oracle EXISTS clause.

Notice that once you have updated the record, an asterisk (*) shows next to the record.

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