Playstation 3 players met not updating

‘What’s New’ information will also be more relevant when friends request help in co-op games.As an information portal, ‘What’s New’ is dependent on the number of friends using the system, as well as updating missing features in the PS4 operating system. Now all of a sudden, it doesn't come up and doesn't detect the 2nd controller at all.

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Certain parts of the app still worked, like Messages and the Store, but the aggregated social feed “What’s New” was unable to populate any content.

Sony’s maintenance of Play Station Network was done relatively quickly, and by November 16, 2013, there weren’t any significant problems with Play Station Network or the Play Station App.

Below is my first experience of using the Play Station App.

All features of the app were tested on an Android device, but the app should be identical on i OS.

In its current state after the North American launch of Play Station 4, the Play Station App displays a lot of potential.

That potential will likely be unlocked when Play Station 4’s more impressive features are updated with the app.

It took a couple days for my activity on PS4 to start aggregating into ‘What’s New’, and the user profile is a good tool to see what your friends are currently doing.

I only have a limited number of Play Station Network friends, so it was difficult to tell how much information is actually pulled from PSN.

It also recommended that users download and install the update using a USB rather than through the Play Station Network.

When PS4 launched, it was flooded with users updating the firmware, downloading digital games, and using the Play Station 4’s different media streaming apps.

‘What’s New’ is both a positive and negative feature, depending on how many of your friends have Play Station 4.

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