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Even when you mark an email as read, it still sits in your inbox. Archiving an email removes it from the clutter, but stores it safely for the future.

In any case, you are more likely to find emails with Gmail’s powerful search Gmail is an ingenious webmail client with many awesome features.

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Being a Google service, one of its strengths obviously is Search.

And this is exactly how Google revolutionized email. is with the combination of Archive and Gmail’s filters. Don’t worry, it’s easy to bring it back to your inbox.

After working a case that involved manually carving hundreds of juicy, case making messages, I collaborated with cheeky4n6monkey on a way to automate the process.

A huge thank you to Adrian, because I think the only way to truly appreciate the script is to do the manual work first.

Recovering deleted SMS messages from Android phones is a frequent request I get.

Luckily, there are several places and ways to recover these on an Android phone.

Additionally, because the SMS structure can vary across Android devices, I am going to show how I deconstructed the SMS message, and then applied the information to SMS messages found in unallocated space.

I am sure there is more than one way to skin this cat, some may even be better; this is just the way I did.

Important: If you chose “in:inbox” alone, then once Gmail is finished archiving, make sure you delete the filter.

Otherwise all future mails will also skip your inbox and go straight to Archive.

For recovering deleted text messages a physical extraction is the best.

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