Polish dating in northern ireland

A friend of mine who has a large network of Polish friends told me that the majority of Irish women are seen as ugly by Polish men.

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By their very culture and upbringing, the majority of Polish women are conservative, undemanding, and like to embrace traditional family values - or, to put it plainly, they like to look after their men. Women are quite domesticated." Kazik Anhalt tells me that Polish women are much more "mysterious", adding, "You can't strike up a relationship with them just like that." Kazik, who has been living in Ireland for five years, said he was initially shocked by some Irish women's drinking.

Tom Galvin, editor of Polski Herald, says that some Polish women have told him that Irish girls "scare the hell out of them".

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She does not drink or smoke or any bad habits, no tattoos, she is educate and a normal girl.

There are scores of Polish girls in Ireland like this.

"The way Ireland has gone in relation to multiculturalism, it is almost impossible to presume that a woman who falls around the place drunk is Irish." Marek Czenczek, Project Co-ordinator with the Dublin Polish Information & Cultural Centre, says Polish men voted the way they did not because of the lack of beauty of Irish women, but because, to a certain extent, they have failed to gain acceptance from them.

Ever since that fateful day in May 2004 when Poland joined the EU and we experienced a mass influx of Poles, Irish men haven't stopped raving about how stunning Polish women are, and yet Polish men don't return the favour - in fact, they do the opposite.

The very same streets trodden by our drink-sodden sisters are full of stylish Polish girls, naturally beautiful, impeccably made-up, demure and soft-spoken.

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