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Steve and Maxine have been together for 8 years, and are delighted to be together, so theyve successfully navigated that hurdle.Maxines desire for monogamy came up early in their dating.He was convinced that monogamy would be too restrictive for him. One person wants monogamy, and the other wants polyamory, and the two struggle with this issue for some time.

Ive heard many stories where DADT didnt work, and am perhaps biased against them because I know they wouldnt work for me.

However, Steve and Maxine have actually made it work.

He likes his relationship with Maxine, and wants it to continue, and feels that things work better when theyre living separately. Not living together and not being financially interdependent, that knocks out about 95% of all the sources of stress that most couples end up with.

To demonstrate his point, he mentions a couples workshop that they went to.

This was before he discovered that there actually were other people who wanted to play like he does, who are interested in living life on the same terms that appeal to him.

By the time he met Maxine, he had discovered some of those other people and was comfortably polyamorous.

Other couples prefer to have a lot of alone time, or even require it.

Steve and Maxine, for example, each have their own residence, and both prefer to live alone. Steve says that he has already wrecked a couple of relationships by cohabiting, so I know what I need.

In many cases its little more than pretending that its okay to have an affair.

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