Posting children on dating site

Does anyone know if it is actually illegal to post pictures of minors online without parental consent?

I am aware of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, but I am unsure if this pertains to all situations.

I live in Indiana and would like to make it illegal if it is not.

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For example, if you and your partner make a sex tape or take intimate pictures of each other, there’s an inherent expectation that no one beside you two would see them.

If you break up, your partner can’t post the pictures online and protect themselves by saying that you never agreed to keep them private.

If you didn’t want any photographic documentation of your being at that party, you had to go to the no-camera room.

There may be activities where there are no specified rules about photographs, but where the nature of the event or activity gives you an expectation of privacy.

It seems to me that we as parents should have the right to say absolutely no posting regardless of content.

Web sites are in constant battle with lawsuits due to their allowance of minors to create profiles on their websites, yet it seems that parents are doing the majority of the posting.

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For example, I just got an adorable basset hound named Rosie. I have no expectation of privacy regarding where we walk, what I’m wearing when I walk her, or how I react when she pulls on the leash. Anyone can take a picture of us and post it online, preferably with a caption that says, “Sassy lady and her awesome dog,” and there’s nothing I can do about it (as long as they’re not misrepresenting me or commercializing my image without my consent).

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