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In the 24th edition of ‘Science and Health’, published in 1886, we find the 8th chapter devoted to Imposition and Demonstration.This chapter has been entirely suppressed in later editions. The second is from Sir Edwin Arnold’s translation of the Bhagavad Gita, entitled ‘Song Celestial’.The development model is inspired by the thoughts and writings of the visionary educator, scientist, and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner.

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Waldorf Education was founded by Austrian born, Rudolf Steiner, who was an educator, scientist and philosopher.

He also created Eurythmy (a form of movement similar to and predating modern dance) and biodynamic farming, one of the earliest forms of organic farming.

Whether they become anthropologists or zoologists, mathematicians or musicians, the creative capacities developed through a Waldorf education will give students the foundation they need to be successful and adapt to changing circumstances.

Waldorf teachers understand that children pass through distinct stages of development and that both the subject matter and manner in which it is taught need to be specific to the age of a growing child.

None of us can predict what information our children will need to know twenty years from now, but we do know that to be successful they will need the ability to think and solve problems.

Waldorf education is based on an understanding that key to developing problem solving skills for the 21st century is an active imagination and a commitment to pursuing one’s purpose in life.

They may show their gratitude to her for numerous benefits received.

Their revealed text-book ‘Science and Health’ may change its tone by additions and alterations in every chapter of every new addition; but Mrs.

While the study of the history of civilizations acquaints the children with spiritual traditions and leaders of humanity such as Buddha, Jesus, Moses, and Zarathustra, the school leaves the question of religion strictly to the family.

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