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The Vibe powers do a decent job of mixing things up, but there's not enough of them and they lack the spontaneity of the power suits.It seems like a missed opportunity to have Princess Peach play "dress up" in a variety of colorful costumes for added effects.The standard enemies are also given emotions, which change their basic behaviors based on whether they're happy, sad, or angry, which was a nice touch.

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One of the Toads starts to panic when he notices that Bowser left a note attached to a pillar, stating that he captured Mario this time!

Enraged after reading Bowser's note, Peach leaves the castle and sets off to Vibe Island in determination to save him from Bowser's clutches!

He says that it is too dangerous for Peach to go alone, but realizes she is capable enough to rescue Mario.

Before Peach goes to Vibe Island, Toadsworth gives her Perry, a magical talking umbrella.

She most notably appeared as one of the four selectable characters in the 8-bit Super Mario Bros.

2 (1988), and regularly participates in various sports games, but you'd think Nintendo would have made a game like this sooner given their large female demographic.

Super Princess Peach is a Nintendo DS platforming game that was published by Nintendo.

Its release date was on February 27, 2006 and it features Princess Peach, whom Mario often has to rescue from Bowser. While Princess Peach was out for a walk, Bowser got hold of the Vibe Scepter that was hidden at Vibe Island and he and his army of Hammer Bros.

After Bowser gets hold of something called a magical Vibe Wand, he kidnaps Mario and Luigi and heads back to his castle on Vibe Island with an emotional troop of minions in tow.

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