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The middle, or the “discovery period” of a relationship with an addict can be baffling.This is a time where the love is so strong and both parties have made commitments to one another but there is a clear realization that something is wrong.

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If sobriety IS attained, it is usually followed by relapse and broken promises.

Ultimately things go back to the way they were—being last on the list of your loved ones priorities while drugs and alcohol is first.

Even if the sober partner feels that something may not be right, they ignore their instincts.

The addict is able to make light of their substance abuse and convince their partner that they just like to party once in a while. I started to notice that my boyfriend’s car was home when it was supposed to be at work.

The discrepancies and contradictions in stories and unpredictable behaviors of the addict become more apparent.

The addict is feeling more comfortable with the relationship and secure their loved one is not going to just up and leave.

The person who is sober is so clouded by their desire to be with the addict they do not ask any questions. When I confronted him, he told me I was seeing things.

When the sober mate can no longer keep up with partying or accept the inconsistencies in an addict’s storiesthey may start to ask questions. Then I would drive by his work and notice his car was not there.

I wanted to believe I was seeing things more than I wanted to face the fact that my gut was probably right.

He called me one weekend and spoke to me in the strangest tone making some outrageous statements.

They will start to ask questions, dig deeper, and possibly confront the addict about their addictive tendencies.

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