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There is at present no literature course offered but one will be added to meet future demands.The classes 'on the 200 level have one hou perweek of required laboratory work; the U of I language laboratory provides a special table for exotic languages. Daud Atiych Abdb, a native of Jerusalem, Jordan, but at present there is little need of an extensive library collection since the courses being taught are still only the basic language courses.THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOI^^it %^.j Modern Foreign Language n^ ^ "*" ^f" l/f^ NEWSLETTER ^^24 lon^ ux ^966 ■ .- '"'^'i^ums Vol, XX No. ■ ^"^ November .1966 , EASTERN LANGUAGES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS The Department of Linguistics at the U of I has announced that this fall, 1966, a third year has been added in several of their present two-year language courses.

Stalnaker's reply follows, in part: "The study of foreign languages is of great ir.iportance nd shouiu be encouraged, i.e both agree, but I cannot agree with your assessment of the influence of the Program on the study of the foreign languages, or wita your statement about secondary school counselors.

"It is not the intention of Twlo C to influence t',:e curriculiuii. of oii.Languages and Litei^atures , U of I, v,rho addi'ess him- self to the problem of curriculum in the ^reparation of -^ussian Teachers, There be a shoi'^t business meeting and refreshiiients. He previously taught at the U of J la., the Catnolic U of ...merica, and at the U of Georgia where he was an iv Ssocianute J Gudaitis, 1','ancy J i.all, ^ s Jones , Joan I.

"I do not find in your 1965 Guid e any i.iention of foreign languages, not even among special, distinguishing, or "unusual" achievements; yet foreign languages are substantially the only college preparatory subjects not tested.

It is inueed unfortunate that such an influential agency as the NI'x SC in aetermining quality in preparatory education should have produced an adverse effect in any area of study and particularly that it should have become, uowever unintentionally, a negative influence in what has become an area of critical need in our neitional life." Dr.

where he lived, attended school, or wrote for the local press.

This will be the first time that such a tour has been contemplated o The Ruben Darxo Centennial Tour will be under the leadership of Dr.

Courses in Arabic are offered on three levels, elementary (201), intermediate (203), and advanced (303).

201 and 203 are taught four hours per week (1 unit) and 30-3, three hours ; per week (^unit) .

M, June Stevens of Forest View, with major assistance from Mrs. IIS, "Techniques in Building a a rogram in igh ocaool ^^^ussian" by Frank Petroii- aitis, Lyons Tv/p. .-eis, Ca.; ark and ^^iver Forest HS, and "Some New Jevelooments in Soviet i'^ilnis" by Jt^iven r. For room reservations call (217) 529-5431, Sr^JJIoh, IT.. The affair gave new and returning faculty inembers a chance to become acquainted. On October 13 the Club sponsored a film, Subida al cielo , directed by Luis Bunuelo Other meetings are scheduled for October 25, when the Club will be co-sponsor with the Department of a lecture by the poet and literary critic Jose Luis Cano, and on November 17 when Prof.

The liepartment this year -.velcomes two new faculty members, associate Professor ^^obert S Lott received his ...3 from .-thens College, (-ila,), in 1951, and his i A in 1952 from the U of . Luis Leal will speak, at pm in the General Lounge of the mini Union© On December 16 the traditional Christmas party will be held, at pm in Latzer Hall (The U of I YMCA).

"The higii sciiool teachers said they lose, in the senior year, or in the senior and junior years, n any of their best students because of the National erit Scholarship tests^ the story going like this: The best students are a. "This result, I ai;j sure, was the the intention of the I^JIi SC, but it seens to be an umeniable side effect. Can the iu SC include in the future a foreign language component?

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