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has players exploring an alternate universe where they can date Rei, Asuka, and Kaworu, unlocking various CG scenes for getting to know them better.

For i Phone, i Touch, Android Thanks to my older sis’s i Touch, I took the liberty to search every nook and cranny of Otome Games. Literally (who kills without remorse) but I soon found out that there is a reason behind it and he would never really kill just because he loved it.

One of the many that I have downloaded was this I love this coz it’s free via GREE. A womanizer, a protector, a fun friend and a brother/warrior. In truth, he values people very much, especially the princess (you/me) and he would really give his life for you (me).

- Camellia : One of the choices for Karen's nickname comes from her last name Hanatsubaki which means camellia.

- Yamaarashi : One of Fujiyama Arashi's nicknames is Yamaarashi.

Patched ISO)Publisher: Capcom Genre: Action RPGRelease Date: 2010-07-13Disc ID: ULJM-05676Source: UMDUnpacked Size: 906 MBImage Format: .

Patch info: BETA R2Menus, world map names, menus descriptions, character names, skills, skills description, help/tutorial name, items and items description almost completely translated.

Older versions may have problem with graphics and/or sound.

Note: If you download PPSSPP for Windows, make sure you download VC2013 Runtime if you don't have that installed yet.

The English patch for the game is available through the translator’s site, although the translator says there may be remaining bugs in some of the player routes.

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