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While at a hypnosis conference, Jorianne met a gentleman named CJ and they started to date.

CJ, another hypnotherapist, worked at a local Chicago nightclub, Excalibar.

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Being a coffeeholic myself, this seemed a natural for me and was my first attempt at learning how to access information psychically.

With the constant practice of scrying (perceiving images on a clean surface) her other psychic abilities eventually began to unfold; she is now clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing) and clairsentient (feeling) and uses the coffee and cream as her major form of divination for every reading. With every psychic it is not unusual for a strange story, is it?

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Jorianne the Coffee Psychic is a nationally known Chicago psychic who has pioneered a new way predicting the futureby looking into a steaming cup of coffee!

The doorman asked what she was doing there since no one was there.

Instead of being discouraged, Jorianne insisted on going in and making her five dollars back. Not knowing who this woman was, and really wanting the , Jorianne told her shed do the reading for . She received her Associate in Arts degree and continued at Governors State University in Illinois, majoring in psychology.

A variation of the time-honored practice of tea-leaf reading, Joriannes major form of divination is traditional in Hispanic cultures.

Jorianne begins with a quick meditation, then pours cream into a cup of steaming coffee.

Images come up for interpretation, then flow back down into the coffee and as more cream is added, more pictures resurface for additional information.

So how did this 56-year-old resident of Crown Point, IN mother of three and grandmother of eight come to this unusual and somewhat unorthodox form of psychic readings and other forms of psychic ability?

Joriannes psychic talents began to surface when she was a young child of seven, after incurring a head injury.

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