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So you can either choose to compete with the person you’re with, or just collectively pit your wits against other people on the leaderboard.We actually decided to add to the competitive spirit of things, by racing to see who’d be the first one to find the visual clues. We crossed the road, and quickly left the bustle of Richmond High Street behind us as we explored the old town. And I was seeing a part of town I hadn’t even realised existed.

Lock and key parties are more like a regular party than our speed dating events. You then circulate looking for people who fit your lock or key.

If you find a match you go back to the registration desk to receive raffle tickets and to be issued with a new lock or key.

We hold events for several different age ranges, so you should be able to find one to suit yourself.

Whilst we would not turn you away if you were a little outside the age range, we ask you to bear in mind that the guests attending the events will be expecting to meet people within the specified age range.

We allow plenty of time to move between tables and complete notes.

A match happens when both you and somebody you have met indicate that you would like to meet again.We had decided to play on two phones, so we could give our own answers to questions if we disagreed.The app has multiple-choice answers, tells you immediately if you’re right, and scores your efforts as you go along.You are not guaranteed to meet everyone but there is a chance to spend more than four minutes with people you like.In a nutshell it's Speed Dating meets the traditional Pub Quiz!A 'yes' match occurs when both parties have ticked 'yes' to each other and a 'friendship' match occurs when both parties have ticked 'friend' or a combination of a 'yes' and a 'friend' match.

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