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I am working part time with canada post nd i teach aerobics nd exercises in my free ...Indian female friendship Hi , i am indian punjabi male 33 looking for good friendship for hangout movies drive niagara falls lake shore etc.

Looking for female friends around my age I never thought i'd be posting this here but I am 21 years old East Indian Canadian and just moved from Edmonton to Study at York University.

I thought life would be less boring in a big city but it ... about me Indian male 36 years old here looking for Punjabi female or male friend for friendship go out for coffee.movies and shopping too.someone in real please email me thanks for reading ...

I learned the rest from my mother-in-law and from the internet.

Since marriage my husband has “forgotten” how to cook.

Here is a free lesson for all those that want to learn. I listen to the program with my daughter because she also needs to use Punjabi more.

My husband speaks Punjabi to her and she understands it all and follows commands and such but avoids responding in Punjabi. For example she has to ask for things in Punjabi, like Dudh dedo ji ( give me milk please) and such.

In many parts of India it is a sign of respect to elders to touch their feet.

You greet the elder with your hands together and Say “ Sat Sri Akal” or whatever the greeting is for your religion, and you bend at the waist to touch their feet in a loving manner.

When I was single there had been many a dinner of cereal and milk or a cold sandwich. In my husband’s family going out to eat is considered bad. Home food is considered sacred in some ways, eating out is not even in the same realm as home food. I love getting new ideas and being inspired to make new foods. I love to cook and bake and make sweets and try all kinds of different ethnic foods.

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