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As I was finishing the last few bites of my pizza, I looked up to realize he had only eaten half of it before he was full. I started to not feel well, throat sore and beginning to ache all over my body. Needless to say I consumed a lot of the oatmeal as it was soothing my throat and warming me up while I was running a fever and having chills. He heated up some slices of his illustrious bread dripping with marinara and veggie goodness.Suddenly I didn’t feel up to playing a round of bowling. I was sitting on the bed watching some unimportant show on my tablet. He sat down and when both of his hands were occupied trying to settle in to eat I snagged a piece of artichoke.

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My husband has recently, in the last few months, been getting back into his faith.

He is Catholic and therefore can not eat meat on Fridays.

An immediate sign of relief was displayed on my parents faces, they returned back to being happy and at dinner time dad made sure to tease me about having a boyfriend. I couldn’t handle the rigors of having a boyfriend at 11 years old.

I was too young and had a whole life ahead of me, I didn’t want the responsibility of being tied down. What if I went to Africa to help other starving 11 year olds? Apparently a few days after we broke up he already had a new girlfriend.

A new boy had come to town, and lucky me the new seating arrangement in class forced him to sit within reaching distance to my right.

As you can imagine, as some of you have seen my 7th grade picture, my self-esteem was not very high. This was the year of V-cut bangs, which when tackled with a hot iron looked like a neatly curled tumbleweed resting on top of your head.

I looked up badly wanting to join the baby-boomers listening to oldies and celebrating strikes in the alleys. There I knew I could sit and rest while he had fun playing some of the more physically intense games. My eyes were on the screen of the tablet again, with me keeping visuals on the location of his pizza in my peripherals. maybe I’m just calling them that.) Regardless of what you want to call it I’ve been called out by a fellow blogger for ruminating on the past.

When both of his hands were occupied once more, one holding the plate, the other feeding himself, I stole a black olive slice. Yes, because you can walk into any restaurant and they will have entire menus written on their hipster chalkboards about how their oatmeal has components that were free range and raised in a good home. I see it less like that and more like I’m doing the world a favor by offering young people a warning.

We sat down, and admittedly our eyes were bigger than our bellies.

The menu had options for someone like me, who is gluten free but misses the gluttony of being able to consume a whole pizza.

The agony was very real, and not in a lovelorn way, but in a rather small, but violent way. It was 1991, living in small town America there had been growing concerns of the Gulf War and how it would affect the future of not just our nation but the world.

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