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If a girl thinks you’ll judge her for something, she’ll never open up to you fully. If you have family problems though, just tell it her to straight, instead of giving excuses. If girls is being close and friendly with their guy friends in front of their boyfriends, it usually doesn’t mean anything except that they’ve been friends with that guy longer then you have been their boyfriend. When a girl will ditch her friends to hang out with a guy, its a big deal. When girls don’t want to talk about their ex-boyfriend, she’s probably not completely over him.58.How a girl acts around her friends and family, and how she manages to put you around this circle tells a lot about how important you are to her.53. If a girl will sit by her boyfriend’s friends, she really cares about him.59.

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She doesn’t expect you to read her mind; she wants you to ask her.

It means that, you are just having her as a rebound.

If a girl will be a guys girlfriend, she really likes him.60.

Girls hesitate to fall in love because they always assume they’ll get hurt.·Prove·to your girl you won’t hurt her.61.

Girls always think that they could look better, so guys it will not hurt to complement her every once in a while.49. Complimenting how she looks is a big deal for her, telling her how beautiful she is more than enough.51.

When a guy still loves a girl at her worst look, it lets her think that he is sincere about her. Kiss her in the morning and tell her she’s beautiful. Girls love it when guys say they love something about them, like their smile.52. You can ask her as her boyfriend but don’t push on the topic.55. You don’t want her to choose from friends or you all the time, don’t you? If a girl is mad at her boyfriend, she doesn’t want to say anything about it, she just wishes he’d know.57.

Make sure you are over from your past relationship before dating. Wait until she opens it up to you by herself and don’t push the conversation.36. This manner would really pick something on girls, and if you keep on asking her about something for the 3rd and 4th time, it just shows and means that you are not interested and not listening carefully to what she is talking about.40.

You don’t want to carry all those baggage around.34. When a girl doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t talk much. A good way to make a girl mad is not trust her when she’s being honest.41.

The truth is, if she is taking all the efforts to look pretty on you, you must be someone special.

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