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Tea Partiers shouted ‘pick up your garbage’ and ‘this is San Francisco, what about recycling? They chanted ‘Obama leaves a mess.’ Still no response. Soon the trash is being collected.”POLICING THE USA: A look at race, justice, media Yet the tea party movement was smeared as racist, denounced as fascist, harassed with impunity by the IRS and generally treated with contempt by the political establishment — and by pundits like Brooks, who declared "I'm not a fan of this movement." After handing the GOP big legislative victories in 20, it was largely betrayed by the Republicans in Congress, who broke their promises to shrink government and block Obama’s initiatives.Eventually, a tea partier (wearing the black cowboy hat) crosses over and starts to pick up the trash on his own. So now we have Trump instead, who tells people to punch counterprotesters instead of picking up their trash. More precisely, he was seeking a way to translate the Christian understanding of sin into secular terms for millions of readers. “He’s the master,” says Princeton professor Robert George, a onetime adviser to Brooks.

Laughter rang out frequently, and when new-media mogul Andrew Breitbart held forth on a TV interview, a crowd gathered and broke into spontaneous applause.

A year ago (2009), many told me, they were depressed about the future of America.

Hardly any had ever been involved in politics before.

Having gotten started, they were finding it to be not just worthwhile, but actually fun.

There are many explicitly Christian descriptions of sin: fallenness, brokenness, depravity.

Keller suggested Brooks try a more neutral phrasing: “disordered love.” When we blab a secret at a party, for example, we misplace love of popularity over love of friendship.

It’s strange partly because Brooks was raised Jewish, but also because the opinion pages are generally reserved for current events and politics.

For counsel on political punditry, Brooks used to make a practice of interviewing three elected officials a day.

The American system is not working for them, so naturally they are looking for something else.

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