Red hook ipa dating

The three Smuttynose beers I sampled were all quite good.

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The IPA tasted like a hop-bomb in comparison, with a citrus scent and aftertaste.

Interestingly enough, the Black IPA had less citrus taste than the Finestkind IPA. We noticed the “produced on” date of one case indicated three-day old beer!

Slightly spiced, not cloyingly sweet, lightly carbonated, amber colored, and the sugar and spice (and everything nice) mix really accentuates the beverage. There are only eight taps and the brewery produces 18 different beers, so what’s on tap will change with each visit.

Saturday, after several stops in several states, including Saint Josephs Abbey in Spencer, MA, where the monks make preserves, not beer (doh!

As we later found out when on a private brewery tour conducted by owner Peter Telge, a master brewer since 1994, the beer is brewed with fresh, locally grown pumpkins, not canned pumpkin as other breweries use.

The ale was dead-on, by far the best I’ve sampled of the genre.

You'll wake up in your bed, and have no memory of the previous evening.

Or, you can drink the Red Hook IPA, and I can show you how long your night can go for...

After a pint at Red Hook and three samples of Smutty, it’s a shame I didn’t get to enjoy more beers at Milly’s Tavern.

As we approached the brewpub, in a converted mill building dating to 1881, the “Yes Pumpkin Ale” sign is quite visible.

resize=241,300&ssl=1" alt="Millys Pumpkin Ale" width="241" height="300" data-recalc-dims="1" /As a fan of this style (yeah, I know), I had to sample it.

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